Pasture Based Meats


Primarily grass fed with occasional grain feedings on those cold blustery winter days, or when a naughty cow decides to roam outside the fence. We raise British White cattle, they are efficient grass converters while producing well marbled tender meat, amongst other favorable traits. Not to mention they are adorable.


We purchase our piglets in the spring when the weather is warm and there is an abundance of green vegetation for the pigs to roam, eat, and uproot.  We raise our pork in these warmer months to limit the need for additional food.  We do raise our pigs using a low processed grain mixture specially formulated for pigs with a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals to keep them growing naturally.  In the fall we pasture off our gone by sweet corn field, and they uproot and roam the vegetation left behind.  You can usually see our happy pigs by driving by the farm.


We grow Cornish Cross meat chickens for optimal growth but they are grown on pasture foraging grass, bugs, and soaking up the sunshine.  We sell our whole chickens year around but they are only grown during the warm summer months.  Our birds come USDA inspected and vacuum sealed for long term freezer storage.

Our Broad Breasted White turkeys are also grown during the warmer months of the year to take advantage of the lush pastures and optimal growing environment for the birds.  Sold primarily for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Reservations are highly suggested for those holidays as the remainder of birds are sold as first come first serve and go quickly.  We aim for a range of 12-25 lb birds and they too are USDA inspected. You can reserve a holiday turkey here, please include name and size bird requested. 


Our first season growing pasture raised lamb for you to enjoy.  We raise dorper lambs which are known for their superior meat qualities around the world. We will offer retail cuts of lamb in our farm stand starting in November, but if you are interested in buying a whole lamb and choosing your own cuts please inquire with interest.


"The turkey was delicious! Amazingly juicy and well reviewed by all. Nice job. My husband who isn’t much of a turkey fan even said this was the best bird he’s ever had, even better than ones we’ve raised ourselves!" - C. Moseley

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Free Range, Farm Fresh EGGS

Our chickens get to enjoy the true meaning of "FREE RANGE" they are let out of their coop every day all day, and we close them back up at night for their protection from predators.  During the day they eat grass, search for bugs and soak up the fresh air and sunshine.  During the winter months we continue to give them the option to go outside although some chose not to. In return we get beautiful deep orange yolked eggs, collected fresh daily for you to take home.  $4/dozen

Seasonal Goods

Tree Ripened Peaches

Locally sourced, hand picked, tree ripened yellow and white peaches.  These juicy fruits are truly a sensational taste of sweet summer.

In the fall, we locally source popular apple varieties!

Sweet Corn

Acres of sweet corn, planted, grown, and harvested by hand by us in our dark loamy soil.  Each kernel juicy, tender and sweet surely to please the pickiest eater.  Varieties vary throughout the season.

Other basic vegetables grown on our farm also available in farm stand.


 Pumpkins are great for carving with family and friends, or for use as decor during the fall season!

Straight from Shoreham Vermont, about half hour away from us here in Bristol, we found these delicious ORGANIC homemade jams and bake mixes.  The woman who makes them has all the berries grown on her farm.  The jams are low sugar making the taste REAL fruity and berry delicious! The baking mixes which come in brownie and oatmeal cookie bars, are organic and gluten free! Mixes $10 Jams $6/jar

You can find out more about her berry farm here.


We are not the beekeepers for this special sweet treat, but we know of a talented keeper and his bees call our property their home allowing us to offer our customers a golden raw & unfiltered honey throughout the year.  Available in 2 lb ($18), 1 lb ($10), and half lb ($7) sizes.  Also available is cream honey in 1 lb jars ($12) and honey sticks bundle of 10 sticks ($5).

You can find out more about honey here.