Our Story

Two Farm Kids Fell in Love...


We are a husband, wife, and three young children taking on the challenge of diversified farming in the Green Mountain State.  As we were raised in the agricultural community, it was only a matter of time before we picked up our farming roots and planted them into our own soils in Bristol, Vermont.  Our property is your definition of "fixer-upper" and "a work in progress."  

Diversified Farming....


We raise our meat animals (beef, pigs, lamb, and poultry) out on pastures.  They spend their days consuming grass and roaming the land thoroughly enjoying life to the fullest during each season.

Tapping maple trees for their sap, and creating a heavenly tasting maple syrup has been in Trent's family dating back generations.  It is something he was always passionate about and always had a dream of pursuing.  In 2018, we finally boiled our own maple from our own maple trees.  After purchasing the farm in 2014 - it was something we were working and saving towards.  We love being able to share our traditional wood-fired maple with everyone around the country.

A True Passion...


Maybe it was our childhoods, maybe it's our personalities, either way we both agreed there was really something to be said about the work of a farmer. It is all physically, mentally, and socially challenging but we love it anyway.  We love being able to care for our animals, we love being able to teach our children (Sophia, Kennett & Bradley) the importance of soil quality and taking care of the earth while loving the responsibility, lessons, and joy that comes with all things farming.

Your purchase directly impacts our family and our business and we can't thank you enough.  We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and hope you can taste their superiority. 




We are hoping that if you've ventured this far, you'll want to see more.  We have a daily dose of our around the farm scenes and photos we really think you'll enjoy.  You can get to know our family, our practices, and all the different animals and maple treats we have.  Our social media links are readily available at the bottom of this page, we hope to get your follow!

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Who We Are

Trent Roleau, 30, grew up in the town next to Bristol.  His parents always had draft horses, beef cows, and pigs, as well as producing maple syrup.  Trent graduated high school and pursued a degree from Vermont Technical College in Dairy Farm Management in 2009, and a degree in Diversified Agriculture in 2011.  Upon graduation Trent went into carpentry because it made him a better living, but farming was always his dream.  Trent and Abby were married in 2012, they were waiting for the opportunity to buy their own land.  Trent still works carpentry full-time to support the family and the farm - but dreams of the day he can stay home and focus his energy and time on their farm.

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Time of Year: Sugaring Season

Favorite Hobby: Playing Basketball

Favorite Quote: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Abby Roleau (Scholten), 28, grew up on a dairy farm in Weybridge and Shoreham, Vermont.  Along with milking cows, her family raised their own beef, occasional pigs, chickens (layers and meat), and they started making cheese when Abby was in high school.  Abby is a 2+2 graduate getting her degree in Dairy Farm Management from Vermont Technical College in 2011, and then her Community Development and Applied Economics degree with a minor in Animal Science from the University of Vermont in 2013.  Like Trent, it was always Abby's dream to farm on her own. Upon graduation from UVM Abby and Trent were building up their business plan to buy The Gateway Farm through Vermont Land Trust. In September 2017 Abby left her off-farm job to be full time at home with their three children and to focus her attention on farm duties.

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Time of Year: Summer

Favorite Hobby:  Photography

Favorite Quote: "Let all that you do be done in Love." 

1 Corinthians 16:14


  • the soils in which provide us and our animals everything we need
  • raising our animals with the utmost care and respect
  • local businesses/communities supporting one another
  • traditionally made maple syrup keeping a healthy forest viable for the next generations

Our Mission

Our mission is to get the land back into small farming production.  This includes improving the soil health and adding some much needed agricultural structures. But to also transform our passion into a sustainable and practical business that becomes an asset to the local community.  Shining a light on the process of growing food and what takes place before it gets to the table.   

Being a single sourced, traditionally made maple producer - we want to share the difference in quality our syrup provides.

We raise meats, wildly crafted maple, and charismatic - hard working children. 

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